There are no dumb questions, just half-minded hashers.


Do I need to be a good runner to hash?

No. We have a wide range of running and walking abilities represented in our group. We have some world-class marathoners who run with us as well as folks who walk. Most of us fall somewhere in between. You can choose to run as much or as little as you like. The hash is really more about being outdoors and socializing.

How far do you typically run or walk?

The typical hash length is between four to six miles, with beverage checks along the way.

How do I join?

Motown-Ann Arbor Hash House Harriers is a laid back and welcoming group. You simply show up. Trail marks and other hash “rules” are always explained before the run starts. (The first “rule” is that there are no rules!)

What is “hash time” vs. “real time?”

“Hash time” is usually a half hour before the beginning of the run. It’s designed to get hashers to the run location and it’s a great time to socialize. “Real time” is when the hare (the person setting the trail) gives any instructions and begins the r*n (in hash circles the word ‘run’ is a dirty word).

What do you do after the r*n?

The “On-After” follows the run. We typically meet at a bar, restaurant or someone’s house. During the On-After there are “ceremonies” where the hare, new members, and anyone who did something notable (or really stupid) during the r*n drink a beer (or other beverage) while the rest of us sing bawdy songs. People often ask if there is an initiation for first time hashers. The ceremonies are as close as we get.

What happens if I get lost?

Rest assured, we watch out for one another, especially new arrivals. If you stray off trail, we’ll find you.

All inquiries, including joining the mass e-mailing list, can be directed to Scottish Fingercuffs or click on the link below to request to join.
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