Trail Marks

Open Link to see marks used on MoA2H3 trails.  MoA2H3-hash-marks-02-22-16


Used during ceremonies to accompany down-downs. 

 Open link to see common songs.  MoA2H3-Songs-03-06-11


the hasher setting the trail for the pack to follow

Live Hare

A hare who does not preset trail.  Usually gets a few minutes head start.  The pack tries to snare the hare while they lay trail.  The hare is safe if they have reached a beer check or the end before getting caught.

Dead Hare

Pre laid trail. Hare usually stays with the pack to sweep trail

Harriers / Pack

The pack chasing the hare

Hare Raiser

Hasher responsible for getting people to act as hares.  Ours is Coxcykle.

Fat boy

A short, walking hash.  May be less than one block long


Good hashing terrain.  Unpaved trails, thorns, bushes, trees, weeds, etc.

The places that civilian runners would consider poor conditions


A non-hasher


A first time hasher


Guest hasher from a different hash kennel than the host hash

Hash name

After several hashes and/or when you do something particularly stupid, you will be given a hash name.  From then on you will forever be known in the world of hashing by this name…until such time as the hash decides to change it.  If you like your name, the hash will probably change it to something else.  Your hash name will be somewhat irreverent and not politically correct.

Just (Your Name)

Your civilian name until the hash sees fit to name you

‘On One’

Call this after when you see the first mark after a check

‘On Two’

Call this after when you see the second mark after a check

‘On On’

Call this after when you see the third mark after a check
means you are on the true/correct trail (blow your whistle now !)

‘Are you ??’

Question for asking a stray hasher if they are on trail


Answer to above question if you don’t know whether or not you are on trail


Answer to above question if you don’t know where the trail is

Beer Near

There are beer / beverages are somewhere close by

On In

End of the trail


Social after the hash with food and drink.  Usually at a bar, or hashers house


‘Front running bastards’  Faster or smarter hashers who are in front of everyone else


Short cutting bastards.  Hashers who short cut or do not follow the true trail, such as SOG or Diaper Rash


An experienced hasher who is rarely if ever to be seen or trail.  If you are running with SOG, you are probably NOT on trail, but you may snare a hare, or just become hopelessly lost and have a nice long run in the general area of where the hash trail is.


Dead F%cking Last


Hashers circle up before a hash to listen to the hares go over the details of the trail and introduce themselves, and after the hash for ceremonies.


After the hash where songs are sung, namings occur, accusations are made and down-downs occur


A real or imagined infraction of hashing rules (there are no rules in the hash), or stupid behavior witnessed on trail. Also may include overachievement or participation in a sanctioned r#ce.  These are punishable by down-downs.  False accusations are also ‘punishable’ by down-downs.


The downing of a glass of beer (water or other beverage for non-drinkers), after which the vessel is emptied over your head to show that it is completely ‘downed’.  The drink must be completely downed without leaving your lips.  Each hash has different down-down etiquette.

Hash cash

Money contributed at the end of the on-after to pay for the beverages and food at the bar.  The cost may vary depending on the hare and venue.