Mismanagement and Genealogy

Mismanagement and Genealogy

Motown-Ann Arbor Hash Mismanagement
Our current Hash Mismanagement:
GM-eral / Hare Raiser- Whip It Out
Religious Advisor- VAGiant
Hash Haberdashers – Spank Bank
Hash Cash – VAGiant
Web Masturbator – Scottish Fingercuffs

GM-eritus / for Life – Mother Inferior
GM-eritus / for Life – Coxcykle
Religious Advisor Emeritus – Sex and Ate
Religious Advisor Emeritus – Ride The Pony 
Religious Advisor Emeritus – Semper Pi

Motown-Ann Arbor Hash Genealogy

Motown (Detroit) H3 was born 30 April 1987 to Founding Father John “Dr. Death” Hain out of Pittsburgh H3 as Hash Mother. Thus, Motown H3 is a great-great-great-granddaughter of the Kuala Lumpur Mother Hash (1938) through Washington DC H3 (1972), Philadelphia H3 (1977), Houston H3 (1979), and Pittsburgh H3 (1980).

Ann Arbor H3 was born February 1989 to Founding Mother Anne “Babe” Hiltner née Kirschke out of Motown H3 as Hash Mother. So, Ann Arbor H3 is a great-great-great-great-granddaughter of the Kuala Lumpur Mother Hash through Motown H3 as described above.

For many years, the Motown and Ann Arbor hashes ran and drank together in some sort of incestuous symbiotic relationship. On 8 May 2004, during ceremonies the Honorable S.O.G. (Grand Master Ann Arbor Hash) and the Honorable Ford Flaphead (Grand Master Motown Hash) announced the following royal decrees:

Royal Decree #1: The two hashes are now and forever more merged into ONE hash which will

henceforth be known as the Motown-Ann Arbor Hash House Harriers;

Royal Decree #2: The outgoing GMs appointed new Mismanagement, with Venta as the GM (Grand Master, Grand Mistress, Grand Mattress – take your pick)

During ceremonies on 16 December 2006, the Honorable AnalLytical passed the torch to Mother Inferior. Her first act was to appoint Venta Co-GM and to establish a Motown-Ann Arbor H3 Board of Directors. The Board now meets every month and its most successful work, led by Heavy Load, was the planning for the wildly successful Motown-Ann Arbor 1000th Hash!

During ceremonies of the 1000th Hash on 29 March 2008, the Honorable Mother Inferior & Venta passed the torch to the new GM, Heavy Load. Likewise, in return for her disorganizational efforts, Damn It & Damn It was rewarded with a new position (!), HarePerson of the Bored. In July 2008 Damn It & Damn It began her reign as GM.

During ceremonies of the 1069th Hash on 21 March 2009, Damn It & Damn It abdicated to Coxcykle, who likewise created a new position for himself, that of GM-eral.

During ceremonies of the 1106th Hash on 5 December 2009, after 21 years (!) of serving as Religious Advisor, Sex & Ate passed the position on to Ride The Pony.

In another turn of events, during ceremonies on 9 January 2011, after merely 1 year of serving as Religious Advisor, Ride the Pony relinquished her crown and bestowed it upon Semper Pi.

During ceremonies of the XXXX Hash (we lost count of the number of hashes) on 6 January 2018, after 7 years of serving as Religious Advisor, Semper Pi passed the position on to VAGiant.

Another changing of the guards, after 13 years and a gazillion hash, our GM-real Coxcykle passed the torch to Whip It Out on Aug 20, 2022 at the Hot Person (Not) Interhash 2022.