2012.12.16 hash trash

2012.12.16 hash trash

Courtesy of Semper Pi:

So there we were in the parking lot of the farmers market, also the 44th court lot (very near to the police dept too), this will become an important detail later. Circle was barely audible as Vagiant was morose and trailed off several times. Not a cock had to take over, but by that time the pack was restless & missed the part that all walker marks were going to be in chalk only. Chicken dick’s great planning ability resulted in no one, including the co-hares, knowing that there would be white & pink flour on trail for the runners.

Hares off, pack out 10 minutes later. After a little time the flour color mix up had the pack stuck looking for trail for a good 20 minutes near a railroad track, luckily there was no bar around or the trail would have been done. After traveling over a few railroad tracks, through some neighborhoods and around a park we finally reached a BN mark. The mark was laid, but then we traveled thru many more marks & checks before actually getting to beer and no this was not the shittiest part of trail.

The next leg of the trail was adventurous, CD lost his co-hares somewhere so plan ‘oh fuck’ involved the visiting hare leaving marks that were not introduced in circle which means the half minds were confused and not sure what to do. The pack was led over an 8 foot fence & thru some ones side yard, clearly w/o their approval. If you have never learned, running the pack past their cars is not a good idea. Half the pack did not make it to the 2nd BN, so they did not realize that they beat the hare to the beer. CD showed up with an exposed crotch looking a little obscene & bewildered.

The visiting hare had to shower, so she did not get to see the excitement at the circle. Clearly having cases of beer sitting in the open parking lot was not a wise idea. We thought to tell everyone to bring vessels, but the cases & empty cans lying around was not the smartest choice. Ceremonies were cut short by 2 of royal oaks finest, telling us how stupid we were for drinking in the court parking lot. One of the fine officers lectured us saying ‘did it ever occur to any one of you that you are drinking in the parking lot of a city court house and are currently being recorded’ & the crowd went silent. He continued saying ‘It appears you are all having fun, but do you know the amount of laws you are breaking. I could write 23 tickets right now and you would all need to return to this court house in 10 days.’ After our lecture, we all quietly headed to our cars & silently hoped to never let CD hare again. Yes, the hare really did have us start in court parking lot around the corner from the police station.

The on after was not very eventful, but we did have good food, beer & company. Some hashers were pleasantly surprised that good beer can be $2, while others were shocked apple pie costs $8.

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