6.17.2012 Hash Trash contributed by After School Special and Rambush: First Blood

6.17.2012 Hash Trash contributed by After School Special and Rambush: First Blood

Hares: Semper Pi, Touch Myself In General, Hep C

Hashers: Rambush: First Blood, I am Not a Cock, Just Tori, the Decorated Asshole, Six O’Cock, the Rapist, Udderly F-u-u-ucked, After School Special, Trim My Bush, Just Amanda, Just Roger (virgin), Just Dan, Tranny Head, Just Kelly, Sex & Ate

You know a hash will be memorable when it starts with a random virgin in BC goggles wandering up to the gathering throng and telling us he was invited by “some bald guy he saw running yesterday”, and said “bald guy” turns out to be TMI. Our return to the wilds of Westland featured 3 refreshing and cold FRBs prior to the first BN, though sadly our inept front runners only managed to find two of them: the first through poison ivy filled forest with BC12 and the second in a gaping sinkhole. Of course the blatantly obvious one went unnoticed as DA was too busy sharing his balls with neighboring golfers.

After touring the grounds of an abandoned psychiatric hospital (coincidence? methinks not), our illustrious band of wanks found their way to the BN at Casa de TMI and Semper. Rum Chata shots and tours of “the nude room” to view, well, nudity, were the highlights of our visit.

From there it was off to an open field where all were serenaded by the sounds of Trim screaming “HARE!!! HARE!!!!” to ensure everyone within a mile knew that the hares had been spotted. Shortly thereafter the walkers were passed by a r*nner who looked strangely Udderly-like. As trail entered a wooded area, some random hooligans of the elementary school variety inquired as to our activities. The Rapist (aka the Pied Piper) lured them into the woods behind her with a promise of “pizza”. A mile later, said hooligans were still with us (one r*nning in flip flops!), demanding their pizza until “security” was mentioned and they vanished as quickly as they appeared. Another group of young hoodlums, apparently looking for their Daddy, attempted to extort hot cheetos in exchange for their departure. In the final steps before the second and final BN, Trim finally reached his goal and snagged a hare.

During ceremonies, The Rapist was called out for luring small children into the dark forest, resulting in a safety down down. With the lack of the safety sleeve, it was improvised with Rambush pouring said down down and The Rapist guzzling it through her nose. When asses were bared for snagging the hare, Trim managed to notice only TMI’s, not Semper’s, resulting in a safety down down for Trim and much sympathy for ASS. (for some reason) Trim poured a safety to (someone) at a ridiculously short distance, thus allowing ASS to show him what 8-12 inches really is by giving Trim a safety down down of his own.

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