Halloween Hash Costume Party

Halloween Hash Costume Party

so there i was………

At first BN while waiting for runners one walker [TMI 😉 ]was a bit frustrated at how short the first half distance had been. admittedly I had been disoriented with the area on first pass. i did however assure said hasher that the 2nd half would be more.

after having waited for runners their fearless hare set off to find her missing souls. She was a bit concerned given that at least 1 runner should have showed up to BN as he was privy to the BN locations! 😂
Having waited long enough ,and wanting to make good on my promise of distance being reached – I set off.

i had left behind 4 hashers TMI, BackStage , Pocket and just Benji.

seeing how BN 1 was only .7 miles from BN 2 it was my objective to lace them in and out of these beautiful homes.
I had laid numerous marks, making sure that they were visible, sprinkling in some checks and even a few arrows noting the true trail.

having made it out and about i was nearing jefferson [and the ridiculously large estate someone has that is a damn city block??? who needs this much space geeze!]

i received a text from just ben stating they were lost.

was assuming that pocket and ben were still with the other walkers and had not wandered off while chatting. –>
the text had stated that they were at road that i only passed i didnt lay trail down.
i tried to send some pictures of the trail i had taken along the way to aid in getting back on track.

At that point i started back to BN 2 trying to see if i could find [what i thought was a group] and lead them in. I continued to lay trail until I realized I was now about to cross my own previously laid trail. 😕

i sent a text to ben givin [what i thought was “them”] coordinates to the BN [which could have also been found in the email as it was the on after] .

I then made an executive decision to stop laying trail to avoid any further confusion. prior to this i sent one more text reiterating the BN 2 address.
I then ran up and down the streets on the way back to bn 2 in search of my lost crew.

Upon reaching bn 2 they still were not there and i had not seen them anywhere on the journey back.

i texted again and at the request of Wet spot i checked to make sure they were all together and had the correct address. for which i was given a Yeah response.
after having waited at bn 2 i sent notice to walkers that i was going back to retrieve the van and they should stay at the on after. a few of us set off to get vehicles to quickly return to the on after at the haunted mansion!

Upon the journey back to the car [in the opposite direction] I ran across 2 of my lost souls …tmi and backstage. it was there that I learned of the events that led to this adventure !

AGAIN.. my fault having assumed that they were all together .

tmi and backstage were happily following trail until it just stopped………… 😯
i had assumed they were all together which was [as stated above] my mistake.
i should have known that pocket wandered off, and instead of stopping to find them I should have used, and noted my “trail back” mark to lead them back

i explained what happened,
they had no phones so they were not able to be reached or look up the email for info. 😢 totally my bad on my assumption

AFTER wards pocket stated they found their way back to trail, and the group, and then were lost again when the trail ended.
but they were not with tmi and backstage when i found them.
Pocket must have wandered off again and found found the BN since when i got back with the car ben was safe and sound by the fire, and pocket went back to cars for retrieval.

IT WAS A GORGEOUS DAY, GREAT COSTUMES, DELICIOUS TREATS[ she made little beer cookies that said ON ON!} AND WONDERFUL PEEPS DELIGHTFUL CONVERSATIONS [when you could interrupt Verbal diarrhea hahahahahah] . AND MOST IMPORTANTLY A TRAIL.
oh and the walkers got their miles in😜

AS I HAVE ALWAYS SAID ” ANY TRAIL IS BETTER THAN NO TRAIL’ an anyone that says otherwise is more than welcome to step up and hare; the calendar awaits you 😆


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