hash trash: 2012-7-22

hash trash: 2012-7-22

Hares: Diaper Rash, Show & Tell, CAKEHOLE!!!!
Hounds: Sex & ate, Rambush, I Am Not A Cock, Coxcykle, Vagiant, Udderly Fu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ucked, Just Beth, Trim My Bush, After School Special, Ride the Pony, Pubio, Used Virgin, Pennsil Vein, No Pussy 4 Him, Chicken Dick, Slurpee 2nds, Scottish Finger Cuffs, Full Mental Jacket, Just Ken, Just Carol, Howdy Do Me, Ben Wa Ball-less, Jaws, others who shall remain nameless because I cannot remember.

Shit that happened: Trail was hot. Trim My Bush and Cum on my Back-teria, rather than raining, stormed at each beer check, expelling enough highly salinated water to provide enough liquid sustenance for even the sweatiest ultra runner among us. Somebody found yet another pair of women’s underwears on trail, and there was a display of beastiality on trail. Basically, Vagiant fucked an eagle. And got the hash shit. ‘Nuff said.


Post script: Due to a lapse of Judgement by Show & Tell for NOT throwing the giant rock at Vagiant, an NFN ran their car over said giant rock and burst their oil pan. Sorry NFN!!!!

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