Hash Trash: Corktown 3.11.12

Hash Trash: Corktown 3.11.12


Location : Corktown, Detroit, MI

Hare: Speed Semen (in honor of his birthday!)

Hounds: Diaper Rash, Ride the Pony, Heavy Load, VD, Anallytical, Suzi Chaps Dicks, Too Drunk to Fuck, Used Virgin, Ring Around the Russel, Pennsil Vein, Sharin’ Fluids, Touch Myself in General, Semper Pi, Cum on My Back-teria, Winter Merkin, Willing Filling, Just Ross, Tranny Head, Mrs. Tranny Head, Slurpee Seconds, Scottish Finger Cuffs, Just Michael, After School Special, Rambush: First Blood, Lube My Beads, Just Mrs. Lube, Sleeps in his Sister’s Bed, Just Melissa, Decorated Asshole,  Blows Hard, Useless Tool, and other wanks that we can’t remember, because they left too soon after the race (Vagiant?…).

Becoming close to an offical “Hash” (because it was posted on the website calendar, ceremonies were conducted by Semper Pi in order to give Speed Semen the “21 bum salute” in honor of his birthday, and there was plenty of beer at the “on after”), the 2012 Corktown race went off without a hitch. Beer was provided by DTRW’s and MOA2H3’s for all of the volunteers at the race (thanks for the lube, guys). Many PR’s were made that day, and many people drank and showed appreciation for the sun that crisped and baked our skin for the first time this 2012 season.

As the afternoon wore on, and the kegs were emptied, the hashers slowly ventured to their homes and alter-ego lifestyles. Of those who stayed, the afternoon was young with possibilities and adventure. It is ventured to say that Ring Around the Russell may have purchased a pink luchador mask, Used Virgin may have ordered enough peach margaritas to kill a burro, and Ride the Pony may have picked up potential future virgin hashers with her dazzling drunken “wits”.

It was a beautiful day in downtown Detroit, and a wonderful excuse to drink for free (minus the cost of parking). ON-ON!

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