Hash trash 5.20.2012

Hash trash 5.20.2012

Hares: Olive Dick, Vagiant, Just Mallory, Scottish Finger Cuffs, Just Shannon, Olive Dick’s progeny (kevin?)

Hashers present: Diaper Rash, Ride the Pony, Sex & Ate, Tranny Head, Coxcykle, Lube My Beads, Cum On My Back-teria, Udderly fu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ucked, Rambush: First Blood, Rambush’s progeny, I Am Not A Cock, No Pussy 4 Him, Big Fat Fuck, Donkey, Full Mental Jacket, Slurpee 2nds, Just Tramp, Toxic Crotch, Maggot, Decorated Asshole, Jaws, Ben Wa Ball-less, Chicken Dick, Touch Myself In General, Cocktail Weiner, Mrs. Dr. Weiner, the new transplants from florida… A bunch more people that I can’t remember.

True to recent form, many of us made the arduous trek to Macomb county for the, “Any Ginger Will Do” hash, although I failed to see a connection with the name and the hash because there were surprisingly few gingers being done on trail. None to be exact. That was compensated for, however, by copious amounts of ginger snacks and ginger ale. Everything began late, as can be expected, and with Vagiant already shitcanned. After a surprisingly concise circle, the myriad of hares departed and the hounds… well… meandered. Nobody kept track of time, so eventually the pack took off. There was a lot of hot, open road as we did our best to find what we hoped would be cold, shaded beer. We were not destined to have luck like that though, and after 3.7 or 5 miles, we finally came upon the glorious BN. While the beer was cold, there was no shade to be found but all was well as Vagiant was still hammered.

After the passing of a disturbingly close and poorly timed train and finding the remaining two hashers still on trail, the hares either took off or stumbled off, depending on who you were watching. After waiting what COMB deemed an appropriate amount of time, the pack found our way through some surprisingly dense shiggy, a whole lot of condo complexes, and eventually ended up at the on-in.

Ride the Pony graciously conducted circle in the absence of Semper Pi, and down downs were given many reasons. Among them: chivalry, stupidity, COMBs birthday, and the new naming of Just Nicki to Toxic Crotch.


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