hash trash 5.5.2012

hash trash 5.5.2012

As Winter Merkin was out of town this weekend being a racist, BFF has submitted hash trash from the hare’s perspective:

Hashers present: Tranny, BFF, Don’key, Cakehole, Vag, AB, NPfY, J Chris, Damaged, Poop, Chicken, J scott(I think), Show’n’Tell, just Vaughn

Tranny “your nice when you are drunk”
Bff “I am? Why?”
Tranny “you leave a lot more marks”

Cakehole “I love haring drunk. I’m going to do this from now on! Thanks BFF”

Poop “I’m drunk”

AB “I’m drunk”

BFF “I’m drunk”

Starting a little late with reduced numbers we lit off into the unknown. Rivers were crossed brambles torn through. Off to the first beer check. It appears that Tranny should have the title as COCKtail master as everyone liked his tequila sunrises on trail. While at the first Beer check AB and the Vag showed and preceded to catch up the intoxication level of the hares and pack.

As for the second leg… Let’s just leave it at BFF leaving two hares for dead so as not to be snared himself. Tranny blew his ankle out and tried to hide in the woods by getting naked. BFF runs quietly through the woods and two pack members were within 15feet of him but never caught sight or heard… Strange how such a large mass can move without disturbing the underbrush. Almost like a Yeti, we know they exist but no one has ever captured on film.

On after at the cozy was good Show’n’Tell stopped in with just Vaughn, his spawn. After drinking our fill we moved the on after back to Show’n’tells house to listen to 90’s alt rock with the occasional Shania Twain thrown in whenever ChickenDick got ahold of the CD player.

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