R*ce report: 2.62

R*ce report: 2.62

We all showed up at the Planet Fitness parking lot in Brighton for the inaugural r*nning of the MoA2H3 2.62 mi shitshow. RD Spankbank was on her game, there were pre-run snacks and beverage for that last minute carb loading. Packet pickup want smoother than usual (packets included race number with linked safety pins, a granola bar, something else and the coveted 2.62 sticker).

I was resplendent in full ultra gear as one does for a race of this distance. I did forget to bring a drop bag so I wasn’t able to change shoes at the aid station.

It was an uncomfortably warm (for Michigan ) day as we lined up at the starting line and you could feel the excitement in the air. The RD gave the pre-r*ce chalk talk and then was off. We waited the usual time and then were out of the corral and on trail. As far as the course goes, it was pleasant and inoffensive (we were in Brighton after all), also let’s just say that trail was marked and leave it at that. The course was a little longer than advertised but what RF adjacent event isn’t? We weren’t provided an elevation profile but we did a 0.000012 VK in addition to the miles, according to the mandatory tech on trail.

There was one aid station manned by Lord of the Banjos and volunteer spawn – the orange food and cold beverages were welcome. Then the race was on again and we sped to the finish.

The finish line was well stocked with frosty beverages, orange(food), bananas and ice cream(!)

There were many high-end prizes handed out at the awards ceremony. I was going for DFL but right at the end Service Dog? pulled a fake and crossed the line after me. Having thumbs, I collected her prizes for her (a cool Silipint cup and commemorative bum bag). I was feeling a bit dehydrated from my, umm, efforts and don’t remember who did circle or what other awards there were (there were many!).

The on-after was at on nearby rooftop with good chow and cold drinks in the withering heat but made tolerable by the good company present.

This was a great first time event. Congratulations to RD Spank and crew. Thanks for a shitty time!


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