2013.4.21 hash trash

2013.4.21 hash trash


Earth Day Hash! Hares: TMI General, Semper Pi, others?

Hashers: The usuals, plus a Virgin or two, plus some un-usuals.

The weather god must have known we were polishing her surface, as we were blessed with sunny skies and great temperatures. Diaper showed up with some “race herpes” on his leg, along with a v*gina ankle. He might have been standing at circle, but not without help. Needless to say, we all pointed and laughed. Everyone was given a bag and a rubber glove. Most were misused in ways you can imagine. We could have simply cleaned up the parking lot and all filled our bags. We didn’t.

Circle was short and sweet, which is completely the opposite of trail. Several quotes have been preserved here:
“Are you?” -Udderly
“Is anyone?” -ChickenDick
“Haven’t we been here before?” -TheRapist
“Trust me, it’s this way!” -Do Me Moore
“I known I’ve crossed this bridge already…” -Two Vicodin & A Bottle of Wine
“Why am I alone with all these FRBs?” VAGiant

This is the part where normally we would write about the trail, the beer checks, the excitement of someone face-planting while bounding effortlessly over a log (Heavy Lode). BUT, I didn’t see a lot of it. SO, I can’t. I’m also particularly unqualified to discuss ceremonies, as I was absent from those, too (see final quote above).

Many bags of garbage were collected, and the residents of Westland were eternally grateful. Trust me. On after was fine indeed, and it included line dancing, the Hustle, a little country-western, and a bit of grinding. The residents of Westland were then un-grateful. So it goes.

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