Cinco de Mayo Hash Trash

Cinco de Mayo Hash Trash

Submitted by Big Fat Fuck:

We had about some hashers, I don’t remember everyone because I was a bit buzzed. It seems that everyone had a good time. If I have forgotten you please let me know by responding to

hashers present: I am not a cock, Rambush, BFF, Face, JP, Ass Ripper, Just Jill, Just Lindsay, Kiddie, Porn Dungeon, Cock Lobster, Pubio, POTA, Decorated Asshole, Anallytical, Donkey, Just Eric, Just Courtney, Olive Dick, Just Charity

Trail was 4.5ish for the turkeys and 7.5 ish for the Eagles, less for walkers. There were Jose Shooters left all over the place in the woods, it seems like I had to stop every time I saw one….. Anal and DA didn’t want to get their shoes wet by walking through ankle deep water, and so chose to take a 2.7mile detour. Ass Ripper and Jingle Pants showed up from Lansing. NO Hares were caught even though Pennsil Vein “went silent” in his attempt. Walkers/Turkey made it before the Eagles to the first beer near. Cock Lobstahh “AGGGHHHHHHHHHH” complained that the trail was too short at 7ish miles. F’ing overachiever. Face provided yummy treats for all who attended. We had two virgins, Just Jill and Just Lindsay I don’t know about Just Lindsay, but Just Jill will be Cumming again. The Irish Setter Club of Michigan formally apologized for the behavior of one of their members already this morning. No Pussy tried and was shot down again… his line this time. ” should I keep talking or go back to my coke?” Rambush was stand in R.A., she preformed admirably. Olive Dick is still half the man he once was.

All in all it seemed that everyone enjoyed themselves.

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