Blueberry O Epic Weekend Hash

Blueberry O Epic Weekend Hash

O Ohh What a Weekend….

The “O” started flowing as the Kilted Hash crew filed into the Tilted Kilt like a Boss. IMNaC muscling the management into getting us a spot behind the bar. Soon the party started to grow and the table takeover started. Beer, food and Hashers everywhere. The Weekend of O Ohh kicked off with a bang and there is no stopping what might happen next. Round after round and things started to get interesting. Time to take it to the next stop! Bowling, Hashers Bowl? Sort of…..NOT!!!! Novi Bowl so graciously opened there doors to us and the chaos continued! Grease lightning stunning all in his lightning print compression suit juggling balls two at a time. (INSERT YOUR MEMORIES HERE, AS I CANNOT REMEMBER ANYTHING ELSE)…..

Saturday morning came way to soon! The smell of stale beer and Drunkorexic passed out on Crunch’s couch, bowling shoes in the kitchen..Hmmm!!!! I’m guessing the night was successful. We roll ON-ON for the Mohican training r@n at Kensington! Thanks COMB for trying to change the start time. Ben-Waa you suck for mandating an early start time do to your “Must do” afternoon activities of sitting on the couch. The crew breaks up into a few different pace groups and were off. Lead group (Comb, Chicken, Drunkorexic, P3) quickly becomes derailed as nature calls, and calls barking loudly! Group 2 (Ben-Waa, Cox) shows on the scene as the first group patiently waits for “Sir Shits A lot” as he finishes and were on-on again! Around and around, up and down, up and down we manage to reach the turnaround point. Hmm, missing one, Go figure! He soon arrives, does a little wipe up, or wipe down and were off again. Group 3 (Crunchy, Spank, just Beth, Merkin) closing in with their steady pace and determination. The Kensington trail is a beautiful place to view nature as Group 3 found out. An encounter with a Muskrat causes them to shriek and quicken their pace catching up with us. Rambush was tearing up the pavement as she shook the cob-webs out from the night before and gets her miles in. We wrap up the morning with a few beers as other overachievers continue on catching their quota of miles for the day. Thanks COMB for the hospitality and the use of a shower for some.

Sunday, Blueberry O Ohh! From the inside looking out it was a beautiful spring morning, on the outside it was a bit brisk! The Hares arrive in enough time for our own little Lube-A-Thon and raising of the Flag, claiming our territory. Soon carloads of Hashers start rolling in and the hash was underway. Hares P3 and Cake start throwing blue flower, Hares Crunchy Panties and In & Out throwing lime green, marking everything high and low!!! OOPS #1, Chalk color! OOPs #2, T/E split! OOPs #3, forgot the orange food!!! Sorry all!! Trail is a nice combination of Urban and Rural, with a bit of Shiggy mixed in for good measure. BN#1 Walkers and R@nners gather as the hares quickly learn about our little mishap with the chalk! On-On to BN#2, a quick little excursion to COX’s garage, where a KEG is awaiting and soon the beer is flowing. Thanks Cox for letting us violate you property. Leg #3 and a long false thru a cemetery and true trail thru South Lyons nicest trailer park! Crunch afraid of getting snared by the Front r@nner Diaper, quickly throws down the walkers FWB and sprints back to the parking lot leaving more fuel for the front runners. Sex kept Ceremonies quick, a few Down Downs for the Virgins, Visitors and Hares, celebratory Down-Downs for Milestone’s of others, and handfuls of blue Penis cake for everybody before On-Out!

The On-After at the Lake Street Tavern was comforting as we warmed ourselves with burgers, beers and Hashy conversation. Others with a quickie “O Ohh” in the parking lot. NP, being his usual self, Spilling his cocktail and commenting on fellow Hashers attire before heading On-Out to his parents basement to watch “The Walking Dead” alone with a fresh box of tissues. The weekend of “O” is slowly coming to a close and the drive home becomes a drive down memory lane of the weekends activities with great friends!

Thanks Crunchy Panties, Cakehole and In & Out for making Blueberry O Ohh another successful Hash full of penis cakes and good times.


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