Cinco De Mayo Hash

Cinco De Mayo Hash

Cinco De Mayo Hash!

So there we were in Mexican Town hoping to partake in the Cinco De Mayo parade. Many hashers were dressed as luchadores while others tried to fit in and dress like the locals. Winter Merkin provided the blessing.

Merkin’s Blessing
“Que el camino sea largo. Que haya mucha cerveza por todos. Los luchadores sobrios. Merecen el agua Porque son pendejos. Ay, ay, ay, ay ¡Corran borrachos! Porque queremos cerveza. Y esperamos un buen camino.”

What the hell she said!
“We hope the trail is long. We hope there’s a lot of beer for everyone. The sober wrestlers deserve water because they’re assh*les. Run you drunks! Because we want beer and we await a great trail.”

The sobrios hares were quickly out after the blessing leaving white flour all over the place in hopes to scare the locals. Hashers received many questionable looks. One Hispanic man yelled out to Slurpee “You better run, the Mexicans are after you.”

Thanks to a well marked trail and the local kids ratting out the hares, we enjoyed not uno but dos beer nears. Except for running out of beer during ceremonies, (QUE?????) it was a great hash!

En una nota lateral, no esperas a seguir escribiendo basura de hash. Gilipollas necesita intensificar y escribir esta mierda.


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