MOA2H3 29th Analversary Pub Crawl

MOA2H3 29th Analversary Pub Crawl

Hash Trash – MOA2H3 29th Analversary Pub Crawl

What an epic pub crawl! Although the weather was yucky, the Spirits were definitely running high.
Our first stop, ‘Briggs’. Love this place, the staff was awesome, food and drinks were great and hey what a way to start our crawl than at an up and cumming gay bar. Thanks Pro Boner for the recommendation. Our next stop, hashers favorite, “Jacoby’s”. Plenty more alcohol to consume. Rumor has it that the bar is up for sale, maybe one of our wankers should buy this place. Moving onto our third stop (awesome dive bar) ‘The Baltimore’; not only did they create a drink special for us but they let our (kilted) harriettes dance on the bar. Thanks Ten Tun Titties for leading the group. A soon to be forgotten fourth stop ‘Old Shillelagh’ or as several of us hashers now refer to it as the ‘old shit hole’. The staff was NOT friendly or accommodating, so we slammed our beers and moved on to our last stop. Our Fifth and Final stop, ‘Firebird Tavern’ which many hashers felt the name should be changed to ‘Fireball Tavern’. We finished off the evening with much rejoicing, plenty of golden nectar and food. Rambush celebrated her birthday (1 day early) by keeping the Fireball flowing!
Overall I was told it was a very successful pub crawl and from what I remember, I have to agree. I would like to give a special shout out to my Hares, Slurpee 2nds, Two Vicodins and a Bottle of Wine and Ditch Bitch (with special guest harring from COMB from 3rd-4th stop). Thanks for ensuring us wankers made it to each stop.
After expenditures for the patches, we raised over $550. Patches are still available for $5.00 and the proceeds will continue to go towards interhash. The winners of the raffles and pub crawl are as followed. Pictures of the pub crawl have been posted on our website.

50 / 50 – No pussy for me
Beer Basket – Ten Tun Titties
Wine Basket – Diaper Rash
Liquor Basket – Whip it Out
Pub Crawl – In and Out (Well done, although you were a late cummer, you definitely made up for missing the first bar.)

Pub Crawl Patch


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