Farewell Hash

Farewell Hash

Wanted to send a note out to all that came to the ‘as described ‘ shit show ~ it was Long, Hot , and oooh so wet. All to say good bye to our fair weather friends. 

I would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU out to Pocket Cock-u-later for manning NOT just the river of styx crossing -providing me a decent head start on the 2nd half of trail. 

 [ First time I have been able to live hare and stay ahead of the runners [ except for the cheaters lol]. Although -for future haring during possible monsoons; I will do my best to not try and live hare AND tie knots along the way. For fux sake! ]

But ALSO, for manning almost all the behind the scenes details. Including building a patio for said activities.

Additional shout out of thanks:

 Don Quervo – for reluctantly and successfully taking over the grill duties… along with our NEWLY NAMED “CUMS BY HERSELF’ formerly known as Just Amy. You guys were fantastic at working the meat!

Lansing folks – in attendance: Screws on the bus , Back Seat Muffler and Ottererotica – which provided some very entertaining after party events 😊 hahahaha it was a pleasure to have you! -Just think of the wonderful memories the kids have of hanging in a stranger’s garage in refuge of a flash flood until Battleship arrived! Of course, Beatrix was hot on the trail just slightly delayed due to a directionally challenged nature of her pilot. Luckily Flasher stepped up to co-pilot, resulting in the rescue of the 2 remaining souls about to be washed away or have cops called. Upon returning to shelter Whip it out, and Cums by herself were witness to Ottererotica’s rebirth by screws on the bus.

An award – for the backslider of the decade should have been had ;as we were honored by none other than Rumple Foreskin ; so nice to see that smiling MF …. Honorable mention should be noted for Top Cunt whom I myself had not seen in awhile 😊

Another award could have been given; It would be a tie for cuming farthest – Fuck Fuck Goose all the way from Texas and E2T2 from Arizona.

I would like to thank our ranking medical advisor for the wise words of encouragement on my new 3rd ankle; a basic walk it off you’ll be fine. Had you told me to put dirt in my cuts I might have teared up from sentimentality as my father always provided me those same words of comfort. Nothing that frozen margarita’s cant help!

And a Valiant effort to The RA as he did his best to hold off the weather but believe it or not even his powers have limits. Oh and I do remember an accusation I meant to say in circle…. Those that did NOT come in 80’s hair band theme… I dug out my original Iron Maiden shirt for this 😀 . not to mention axel and slash were down to clown! … wait that last part was for dung shit hahahaha.

ANY WAY this was NOT meant to be hash trash but I wanted to send out a sincere thank you to all for showing up.

I had a bloody blast!

DB –> OnOut–>

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