Fruit Cake Toss Hash

Fruit Cake Toss Hash

Hash Trash 22 Jan 2022, # 1702 or something like that.

We need hares – see message sent earlier today by Cox today

Interested in going to Trinidad for World Interhash in April? I have a rego for sale. Cheap.

In honor of Burns Night, also mentioned by Cox, let me share my favorite poem by The Heaven Sent Ploughman, or rather, the only one I can recite after having more than a few wee drams:

Oor Gudewife’s Sae Modest

Oor gudewife’s sae modest,

When she is set at meat,

A laverock’s leg, or a tittlin’s wing,

Is mair than she can eat;

But, when she’s in her bed at e’en, Between me an the wa’;

She is a glutton deevil, She swallaes cocks an a’.

Anyway, back to the trash…

So we has a hash on the 22nd. Temperature was about 22 with a nice breeze but otherwise a beautiful day for hashing. We circled up at the Family Park in Sterling Heights, which oddly enough, was devoid of families. After a nice cold beer and chalk talk we were off. Trail went well until it didn’t. Due to a missed mark we ended up almost back to the start. After backtracking a bit, a couple half-minds found true trail while the rest of us followed marks backwards to the beer check where we had more cold beer and some spiced rum. After a bit, we were adequately chilled, and I finished my cup full of rum (be careful when you ask a hasher to pour you a drink) at which time made our way back to the on-in.

Circle was conducted by Gutter, with songs, accusations and all the usual stuff.

Trail was 4ish mostly due to the pack not being able to follow the marks. Handy overachieved and just kept running, trying to add every street in Sterling Heights to her list.

On-after was at Great Baraboo Brewing, just over the border in Clinton Township. Good beer and chow there.

All in all, a good trail and a good time. Hope to see you all at the next one…

Hares (thanks for haring!): Geck Ho and Bitch, Please

Hounds: Sex and Ate, Backstage Ass, Gutter Guzzler, Roofio, Handy Capable, Lord of the Banjos, Ditch Bitch, Pocket Cockulator, Whip It Out

Visitor: 8 in a Booth from Indyscent

Special Guest Appearance: The Decorated Asshole

Actual Hounds: Service Dog?


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