Gutter Haring -With Bonus Malort Mile trail

Gutter Haring -With Bonus Malort Mile trail

It was a beautiful day for a hash. Sunny and almost above freezing. The pack gathered, had chalk talk and then we were away. And then Dung Shit showed up and we were away again. Trail started out with longish falses for the runners and walkers much. After that is was zigging and zagging on the streets of Canton with the occasional bit of shiggy-ish bit and plenty of ice to test your balance. True to his word, for once, trail was 3-ish miles to the beer check which was at Slurpee and Scottish’s. Scottish had a nice fire, cold beer, hot chocolate with a variety of alcoholic add-ins, and a bin of orange food waiting for us.

After a suitable time drinking, Gutter announced the second anal running of the Malort Mile. Actually it was more like a Malort 600m, but who’s counting. We grudgingly divided into three teams of four and the r*ce was on. Due to an accounting error. Fast Food ended up running a leg for each team so I’m calling the whole thing a draw (why yes, I do watch Ted Lasso).

We decided to have circle thereat the beer check. VaGiant was actually able to get as far saying “So,I heard we had a hash today”. This was predictably followed by “Ummm…what comes next?”
There was the usual singing of songs, down-downs and accusations. Award for best down-down goes to Dung Shit for drinking his beer out of his brand new shoes. Great way to break them in!

We had a not terribly long walk back to the cars. On-after was at The Rusty Nail where we had plenty of good food, beer and conversation.

If any half-minds did trail on their own, before or after, reply to get your names on the list

Hares (Thanks for haring!):
Gutter Guzzler
Just Andrew
Scottish Fingercuffs – Beer Bitch

Backstage Ass
Slurpee Seconds
Sex and Ate
Whip It Out
Dung Shit
Jar Jar Squirts

Visitors from the Greater Lansing (including both the Northern and Southern sections) H3:
Fast Food
L’ Hymen
Just Paula

Hash Hounds:
Service Dog (?)


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