OhowIhateOhioState XI Hash Weekend

OhowIhateOhioState XI Hash Weekend

Friday night started with us congregating in the basement of the Heidelberg Bar, one of the few places left in Ann Arbor that doesn’t mind the hash. Tasty beers and conversations with new and old friends flowed. After a bit Whip and guest hare Serving Seamen set out for stop #2, Haymaker Public House. The long bar was mostly empty and seemed just right for a thirsty hasher to find a cold beer. After ignoring us for several minutes and arranging glasses the bartender moseyed over and took our order. The pack soon started to arrive, with the first hasher coming up to us and boldly stating that he really needed a beer. The bartender looked at me and I replied “It’s ok, he’s with us”. To which the bartender replied “And visibly intoxicated”. Mood set. A couple of other hashers managed to get a beer before we decided to take our drinking elsewhere. Stop #3 was Jolly Pumpkin where we were given our own room. Beers and food were ordered, the mood was festive. After 20 minutes or so only a couple of beers had arrived and a very pleasant manager announced that they were just going to comp our check. Message heard loud and clear and we decided that was our cue to skedaddle. Finally we arrived at The Grotto where we were able to spend the next couple of hours chatting and drinking the delicious beers until closing time. Time to head back to Casa de Whip with the out of towners for a nightcap and some shut eye.

Saturday morning started with hot coffee and shots along with heaps of eggs and potatoes for breakfast burritos. There was a nice fire going as the pack arrived to pre-lube. The hares (Whip, Brown and Runny, Serving Seamen, and Ditch sweeping) were only about an hour late on out, which I felt was better than expected. A beer check arrived quickly at Mother’s house then we were off again, weaving through town, with a few FWB/Ss thrown in for fun. The traditional trail up Main St to the Big House was fun if a little weird. Tailgating in general seemed down about 40%-50% from the usual hordes. Damned COVIDs.
We arrived to the on-in at Allmendinger Park were we built a small fire and had circle with beer, songs, orange foods and much rejoicing. Rental Stick from the Stuttgart H3 stepped in to guest R.A.

For the game we decided to go to Townies Brewery for good beer and bad nachos. At halftime we changed to Wolverine Brewing for good beer and much better nachos. As for the game itself…It was about time.
For a post-lube it was down to HOMES for some fine sours (and others) and then down to Arbor Distilling for the finest in hipster prepared cocktails.
Trail eventually ended back at the start for mac n cheese (Southern style) and pizzas (thanks, Just Chris!), beers, shots and a mini-Letterkenny marathon before we finally fell asleep.

Saturday trail ended up being a bit longer than expected in total (12.69 mi according to Pocket). Special thanks to Take a Leak for being sober and transporting a few loads of grateful hashers here and there along the route.

Sunday morning was for coffee, showers, shots, hugs and GTFO until next time, with a few of us heading out for brunch.

The hash will be in Cowtown next year. Mark your calendars!

If you weren’t there we missed you! Hashers who participated in all or some of the festivities included (sorry if I missed anyone):

Columbus (Cowtown) H3:
Brown and Runny
Serving Seamen
Leggo my Preggo
Just Ryan
Just Nikki

St. Louis H3: Just Chris

Stuttgart H3: Rental Stick

Long Beach H3: DamnIt and DamnIt

Whip It Out
Bitch Bitch
Geck Ho
Mother Inferior
Bitch, Please
Pocket Cockulator
Sex and Ate
Fuck Fuck Goose (recently of)
Backstage Ass
TMI General (recently of)

Florida Man(Tampa) H3: No Pussy for Me

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