Hash Trash 17 Oct 2021: M*rathon Edition

Hash Trash 17 Oct 2021: M*rathon Edition

Dawn is coming later these days. It was a glorious, clear morning to be watching the sun come up of Canada-land while hauling coolers full of beer over Detroit’s smooth streets and sidewalks.

Not a lot to say about this one. We came. They came. The beer and Fireball flowed and there was much rejoicing.

Early on I was up the road with some flour, leaving a large ON ON, BN and true trail arrow. Officer friendly asked what I was doing so I pointed to my Viking helmet and told the truth: “just throwing down some gang signs, officer”.

Stat wise, I think the total number of runners was down by about half but very nice to see so many m*rathon virgins on the course.
We poured approximately 60 beers and one handle of Fireball into about 500 cups. About half of what we’d hand out in a “normal” year.
3:30-5:30 seem to be the golden hours.

Thanks to everyone who brought beer and snacks, passed out beverages or just hung out.
Special thanks to Spank for bringing the table and actually setting trail to the check.

Hares: Spank Bank, Whip It Out

Hounds: Backstage Ass, Diaper Rash, Ride the Pony, Ditch Bitch, Pocket Cockulator, Geck-ho, Bitch, Please, Kinder Grindr, Just My Daddy’s Meat, Sleeps in His Sister’s Bed, Just Amanda, Don Queervo, Six-O-Cock, Chicken Dick, Cock Lobster, St. Dickless, and a few more I can’t remember at the moment (sorry).

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