Puta Hash

Puta Hash

So there I was…… sitting in the pavilion waiting for my cohares. Most of the trail planning was done but there may have been a little scouting and prelaying to do before the pack shows up. The heat of the day was definitely going to kick our asses. Free Cunt and Scottish Fingercuffs show up and we go on our happy way exploring the aspects of trail. While out and about Slurpee pops out of the woods from doing a little overachievering and finds a lovely muddy spot that we had yet to discover.

After a little time with flour and chalk all prepared the pack starts to show up. Whore Story arrives with a bottle of Absinthe and although safety is third, Scottish let her know that no green fairies are needed at the hash. It has been a while so I forgot how No Pussy’s voice echoes in closed spaces, my ears might still be ringing from that. Just Dan decided that since we were almost in his backyard he might as well show up with his huskies on split leash in tow, so cute I have to add. The Dickrections may have confused Cox or he was just distracted by the Dick as circle was delayed waiting for him.  Before long, the circle is done and Sex does a blessing before the hares take off.  Good to see some things never change, like Whip It Out showing up late.

First part of trail laid and the hares are enjoying some much-needed refreshments while sitting at beer near one, wonder how those doughnuts tasted Free Cunt. The first person to emerge was pussy mudslide, leaving her other walkers in the dust. We were poised in the shade with the perfect view of the pack without them even knowing. Some of the walkers chose to follow trail while others we’re shortcutting bastards. The fastest of which was Rambush who walked right past the hares looking for trail only to find the chalk BN and then discover us a few feet away. As to not ruin our hiding spot for the runners the walkers hung out under a tree, but trying to hide St Dickless’s neon shirt behind a tree wasn’t that easy.  Diaper decided that following It’s Pretty Tight’s ass was more important than following trail, so they both missed a lovely little trip down the railroad tracks.  Even with Slurpee’s trail premonition, he and TMI were some of the last ones to make it to the BN.

Beers had, off go the hares to lay more trail.  Driving the beer car turned out to be a little more tricky than expected, so I ended up watching the pack at an FRB while one hasher strolled up to the vehicle only to be sent away empty handed.  We were prepared at BN2 with chairs, only for the hares of course, glass asses for the rest of you.  Pubio was one of the first runners to stumble upon us, he expressed his joy of the trail chaos showing me the map of his trail on his phone *technology on trail * cough * cough*. Pocket cockulator decided the bushes needed to be watered….wonder if he realized there was a house on the side.

On the stroll back to the start, Ditch Bitch was seen driving the shag wagon away and may have been yelling sucker, I was a little confused as Just Ben, one of her passengers, was walking next to me, hope he made it home eventually. Circle concluded with honoring the pack with Vagina’s as it was an all female haring.  PR & Jimmy were the most impressed as the vagina swag was modeled after the Puerto Rican flag.  Although the visitor was entertained by the day, he was displeased that we did not call out more accusations, clearly MOA2H3 is a group of misfits.

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