The Return of the Ypsipanti Hash

The Return of the Ypsipanti Hash

In spite of all of your worry last night went ok
That man just threw his money up and ran away
Did we get arrested? No we did not
We didn’t shoot anyone, we didn’t get shot
We didn’t hurt anyone, at least not a lot
And we got what we wanted. We got what we wanted!

Which I imagine is what any hares worth their salt would say to each other after a hash. If I were a decent hare I would know, but it’s good to have aspirations.

That said, we did have a British newcomer who magically transformed into a very drunk British newcomer. Also, anyone who harbored any doubts about Mother Inferior’s ability to climb Mt Kilimanjaro definitely didn’t see her slink underneath a fence and then down a massive river bank with topo lines more dense than a barcode. I didn’t see it either, because I was laying trail like an idiot, but I heard about it and it sounds like I should have used that BVC mark afterall.

Lastly, if I were sorry for laying a 1/4 mile SBC for Friend to munch on, I’d say so. See what you do when that r#cist maniac is chasing you down.

Does that count as hash trash? Anyway it’s all I’ve got.

<3 Cockwell

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