Vagina Hash Trash -Reborn

Vagina Hash Trash -Reborn

So there we were in the middle of lovely Northville watching the degenerates trickle into the downs. They did not even notice that there were randomly dressed people drinking beer in the parking lot 10 feet from their cars. Proof that degenerates might not have been a bad term after all. Shortly after 1530 circle was done and the hares were off. Only one new mark today, FPC – Fore Play Check in honor of the vagina hash.

First leg of the trail may have been a little long, but we tried to make it fun! Turkeys and eagles had their own FRB’s but some turkeys missed the marks, I would like to say they were running too fast but…. We thought the Fish Hatchery park was the appropriate place to run through since it was Vagina Reborn and that was the debut of the FPC. The turkeys found one of the 12 false trails and decided to wait for the eagles to get there before calling false, they deserved the miles too. FRB’s were all served cold, even if they were coconut 4Loco and other fruity concocksions. The walkers enjoyed a FWB of sipping wine like Northvillites while their counterparts sweated it out on dirt roads. Much to the hares surprise turkey & eagles were doing a group thing arriving at the BN together with walkers not far behind.

Leg two did not have a turkey/eagle split, but the back checks were useful in keeping the pack together. Maybe counting was not our specialty since some of the hashers said that we counted wrong, but I still think it was a 6 followed by a 9. Trail led the pack though ‘hash haven’ also known as the disk golf course, some hashers enjoyed this more than others.

How we did not get caught on leg three we are still not sure. Northville road was a little boring and all the rain made Cass Benton tough to traverse. Most of the Eagles enjoyed the railroad tracks, while some pussed out and stayed on the road. Running through The Wheel parking lot with out stopping for a beer almost pushed a few hashers over the edge, but the tormenting was fun. The pack was lead very near to their cars but resisted the urge with the lure of one more beer near. All the hares enjoyed watching the pack blindly follow trail and head away from the beer near even though I was sitting in my car watching them less than 50 feet away. Two hasher either got lost, needed a few more miles or wanted to play hide the salami (with all the vagina’s on display they may have been a little excited) before making it to the last beer near.

Ceremonies were outside and we thought we were in for trouble when Northville’s finest drove right by us, but they did not even slow down or look our way, wild. After, we headed into the downs and saw some interesting people, for once we were not the odd balls in the place. Food may have taken a little longer than planned, but it was worth the wait. We even had white table cloths; they made the green vagina’s really glisten.

Semper Pi

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